Digitization 2017

Digitization Workshop, Burgos, Spain

Digital preservation of cultural heritage

Digital technology has changed the way governments, organizations and individuals collect, store, and disseminate information. We can now convert materials in our collections to a digital format with smartphones, DSLR cameras and scanning equipment, which allows greater access to once unattainable information about people, places and events. Successful digitization projects require effective planning, clear technical guidelines, collaboration and long-term financial investment. This workshop outlines how to plan a digitization project, including accessing the risks, costs and technology involved, and a practical hands-on experience in digital preservation masterclass. The workshop focuses on methodological approach to creating digital collections, outlines tools and processes involved and provides training for creating digital versions of objects in cultural heritage collections.

Most archive specialists are confident about what to do regarding image and sound, but still in the dark about digitising physical objects and large scale outdoor sites. While digitization techniques for images, vide ond sound are relatively mature and well undertood, digital file-based preservation approaches for historical outdoor sites are less well established. What about digital preservation of culturally significant and historical outdoor sites? There should be some guidelines how to document archeological sites. Many participants are interested in methodology for outdoor digitization. We'll discuss these and other challenges in the digital realm.

A special session will be devoted to Gigapixel technology. Participants will learn how to create very high-resolution images by stitching a large number of high-resolution digital photographs. The following collection of high-resolution images represents photos taken and processed by participants of the previous workshops. We are still sorting out the details for Gigapixel methodology. The work is now under way to gather the experience we need to begin recommending gigapixel practices to others."

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